Core Play with Bridget

What is core play?

Well in THIS space it means ANYTHING that taps into the core of who and what we are.  That might be-literally and physically-the middle of your body and your GOAL to build physical strength.  It might be the people who make up your inner circle, taking you directly into the center of your heart.  It might be your core beliefs, desires, hopes, dreams, emotions and goals.  For me, the word core means all those things.  It’s the word that comes up for me when people ask why I left being a lawyer to be a full time {ish} mom, a yoga teacher and a wellness coach.  My core {you can also call it my gut} told me there was no other choice IF I wanted to feel joyful.

Joyful?  Why joy and not happiness?  Well, I believe happiness is fleeting.  You get super happy when you dig into a bowl of ice cream, when a puppy licks your face and when you open a birthday present.  But those moments are blips on the big old radar screen of life.  JOY is the positive, optimistic, creative and life affirming foundation of most good days.  When we are smiling and whistling but we don’t quite no why.  Well now you have a word for those days: they are joyful!  That pep in your step is your JOY bubbling down from your heart and your head to your feet.  EnJOY it 🙂